Double Row Bookshelves

Books are awesome. They stay with you, you can revisit them whenever you like and they smell brilliant. The only downside to books is that they can take up a lot of space. If you find your personal library flowing over, one simple idea to conserve space is to “double row” your bookshelves.

What double rowing means is exactly what it sounds like; putting two rows of books on the one shelf. Of course, the problem with this is how can you see the second row of books behind the first? There is a very simple solution to this — you just need some kind of riser. A riser is a platform on which the second row of books will sit to raise them above the first. Now, obviously it’s going to depend on the hight and depth of your shelves and how much of the books in the second row you want to see above the first as to what you use to create your risers, but there are heaps of options and many are quite cheap.

Wood cuts sanded down (you don’t have to varnish them, but it adds a little extra protection) can be good if you or a friend have some lying around. Most $1 stores have plastic baskets of varying sizes and these can be great to use when turned upside down. Sure, they may be a little ugly but you’ll hardly ever see them hidden behind your front row. Even boxes of thicker, stronger card can be a great cheap option for a riser. Basically anything that will hold the weight of a few books and fits in the available space will do.

Once you’ve found your riser you can organize them and your books as you like. Personally I try to put my bigger books at the back anyway, decreasing the need for risers, but sometimes you’ll have a heap of books that are roughly the same size. Once done though you’ll have effectively doubled your storage space and your books will be presented in a really nice, easy to brows way.

Pro Tip: This same method can be used for storing and displaying lots of other items such as DVDs, games, CDs and even toys.

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