Wish Lists On The Go With Pintrest & GoogleKeep

When you’re on a collectable hunting expedition at a convention or market it’s always good to have your wish list on you. Carting a notebook around isn’t practical so why not have your wish list on your phone? In this article I’ll show you how to do just that using Pintrest and GoogleKeep.

I’m sure most of you know what Pintrest is. If not, basically it’s a digital scrapbook on which you can “pin” images, articles and videos of interest for later viewing. It’s a wonderful idea and really handy for making a wish list. See something of a website you’d love to get but don’t have the funds right now? Pin it and find the link easily when you do.

GoogleKeep allows you to do basically the same thing, however, where the two differ is in their use. Pintrest works best when you’re looking at stuff on-line. While you can upload your own images it’s a little cumbersome. GoogleKeep is optimised to be used on mobiles and allows you to add pretty much anything to its notes; photos you’ve taken, “captured” web pages using the Chrome extension, links, whatever you want. You can then annotate these as you like. The other great thing about Keep is that it downloads to your phone so you’ll always have access to it, unlike Pintrest where you’ll need wifi or a decent mobile signal.

Google Keep

Another difference is how things are organised. When you add a pin to Pintrest, you add it to a “board.” In this way you can easily attach any pin relating to your wish list to a Wish List board and then everything will appear in the one place. A similar result can be found with GoogleKeep, however, each note (Keep’s version of a pin) is separate. You can tag all your notes so should you want to see all the notes relating to your wish list you just pull up the “wish list” tag.

One major thing to consider is if you want to share your wish lists. Sharing is a lot easier on Pintrest. Pintrest was designed with this in mind whereas GoogleKeep is very much aimed toward being just for you. The shareability of the two platforms is the biggest difference and might make the decicion for you.

Personally, I use GoogleKeep for my main wish lists as I really like have access to them without having to worry about signal. However, I still use Pintrest to create a “gift list” board — a board containing items that are on my wish list that aren’t crazy expensive or hard to get hold of — to share with friends and family for gift ideas.

Which platform you use is going to come down to personal taste. If shareability is a big thing for you, go with Pintrest. If you want easy of access, Keep might be the way to go. The two platforms do work fairly well together so you may end up using both. Play around with both platforms and try out their various function to see which is better for you, but at the end of the day both do a fantastic job of providing an easy way to take your collectables wish lists with you no matter where you are.


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