Three Awesome Websites For Collectors

If you do a bit of Googleing you’ll find there are heaps sites out there for collectors. However, it can be hard to distinguish the good for the, well, not so good. To help out with this I thought I’d talk about three of my favourite collector websites.
As much as I love the wonderful comic database software from, one of the big things it’s missing is an automated value/price guide system. This is where ComicBookRealm comes in.

ComicBookRealm is a comics database/ price guide site that gives you real-time values for the issues in your collection. While there are other websites and software that offer similar functions that may be slightly more user friendly, this is a very easy trade off when you consider that ComicBookRealm is completely free!

Once you’ve signed up for an account it’s an easy enough job to search the issues you own and add them to your collection on-site. You do have to do this manually which can take some time if you’ve a large collection, however. Still, the site offers values for not just the regular issues but also variant covers and other special releases.

Something I quite like is that the site gives you the option of placing issues into separate “piles” or groups. Of course you can just lump everything together, but if you’ve lots of issues from several series it can be beneficial to break them up to make things a little easier to manage.

Once you’ve added all your issues — even if they are separate piles — the site provides a really nice overview of your collection on your profile page. You can see what the total value of your collection is, an estimated profit of what you’re collection is worth now verse when you bought it, as well as the average value of issues.

Yes, the interface may look like it’s not been updated since the early days of the web and it can be a little tricky to use at times, but the fact that you get all of this for free really makes ComicBookRealm a must for comic fans!

Screencap of my profile on ComicBookRealm.
Funko’s Pop Vinyl figures have taken the world by storm over the last few years. It seems that anything that has any kind of pop-culture relevance has received the Pop treatment and more and more are being released all the time. Given this it isn’t surprising that there is a large group who collect Pops in their own right, regardless of if they where a fan of whatever the Pops might be based on in the first place or not. No matter how or why you collect Pops, however, it’s well worth checking this site out.

As the name of the site suggests, PopPriceGuide offers a value guide for all Pops that have currently been released. This is actually really interesting because unlike, say, comics, there isn’t really a history of Pop sales. The way PopPriceGuide gathers their value data is to go over sales of any particular pop from 90, 60 and 30 day periods. The use the median of the sales from those periods to gain their price. I’m no good at maths so I’ve no idea exactly how it works, but it seems a to be a great system.

Like ComicBookRealm, PopPriceGuide also has a collection tracking function so it can double as a collection database. This is great for keeping track of what you already have and allows you to easily see the value of items in your collection. PopPriceGuide doesn’t stop at just the Pop Vinyls though, as you can also track items from Funko’s other lines, such as the ReAction figures or awesome Rock Candy figures.

You will need to sign up to the site if you want to use the collection and value tracker, but again it’s free and well worth it. The profile page (as with the rest of the site) is really well designed so it’s very easy to see what your stuff is worth, including an awesome Top 10 list. You can even create Want and Sell lists and the site will alert you if any of the site’s other members puts items on your Want list up for sale.

On top of all of this PopPriceGuide also offers all the latest Funko related news, keeps a throughout upcoming releases list and has a vibrant community on its forums. This is easily one of the best collector sites out there!

Screenshot of my profile over at PopPriceGuide

MTG Vault
MTG Vault is a bit different from the first two entries on this list in that it doesn’t help you keep track of your collection or value of your items. Instead, it’s a site that lets you submit deck lists for you Magic: The Gathering decks so others can help you perfect them.

The idea behind MTG Vault is to help newer players learn the art of deck building while gaining advice from more knowledgeable players and then, in turn, provide advice to others themselves. A kind of pay it forward system if you will.

It’s quite easy to add your decks to the site. You simply add them card-by-card via the card search function or, if you have a list of cards handy you can add them via the bulk importer. Oh, and you don’t need to search “Plains” or “Swamps” 24 times to add your lands, you can tell the system how many of each card you want to add. With the cards added you can add a brief description of the deck, a explanation of how you play it and finally add tags so others can easily find your deck. There is also a really cool feature called “Unloved” that makes decks more visible and lets the community know you’d like feedback on them.

Deck building is one of the most enjoyable but also most complex aspects of Magic: The Gathering outside of actually playing the game. Even just looking through other deck listings and seeing how people build and play them can be a huge help. Having a resource like this for Magic is a wonderful thing, especially for new and intermediate players who are still coming to grips with the finer points of the game.

My profile on MTGVault

These are sites I use myself in my collecting. I may do another post like this in the future, but if you know of any cool collector/ collectables websites please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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