Journal of Lehnah

After two years, I’ve returned to The Cavern.

In 2003 Cyan Worlds, creators of the mega-hit video game Myst, released Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. It was planned to me a truly cooperative MMO where players would help each other solve puzzles and continue the story begun in the five titles that made up the main series.

Sadly, it was not to be. In 2008 the game was taken off-line; lack of subscribers being the main reason sighted for its downfall.

However, due to the dedication of a large group of Myst fans Uru is alive once more. Cyan are running it from their own servers, for free. They may not be adding new content, but they have made the game’s development tools open source, meaning fans can create their own additions to the game. Community nights are held in-game, and fans continue to log in, excited to talk about what could have been and what may still come.

I’d been out of the Uru community since my move to the UK, but this week I remedied that. I downloaded the free instance of the game, installed it, and returned to the Cavern, the game’s main “hub” area. It was wonderful to be back, and I’m going to check out some of these community events.

It is a tradition among fans since the very first Myst in 1993 to keep and “exploration journal” of their time in-game. Written in character, the journal recounts their adventures through the worlds of Myst and the secrets that are uncovered.

I have decided to keep this tradition going (I wrote journals for my playthrough of both Myst and its sequel, Riven,) and have begun my own Uru exploration journal, Journal of Lehnah, over on Tumblr.

My intention is to visit the Cavern at least once a week and write a short journal entry detailing that visit, complete with screenshots. Of course this will depend a little on life and other commitments, but that is the plan.

If you’re a fellow Explorer, Myst fan, or just interested, please feel free to follow along. The Cavern is just waiting to be explored and there is always something new to discover, for the ending can never truly be written.

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