Friday Night Magic (But on a Wednesday)

Since moving to the UK I’d not really had anywhere to play Magic: The Gathering. In Australia I would go at least once a week – but often twice a week – to my local game store to play with fellow geeks. Be it an official event such as Friday Night Magic or just casual games it was always a lot of fun and something I truly missed in coming to the UK.

However, since my wife and I moved from Oxford to Hampshire, I’ve been spoilt with the choice of two game shops right near me, both of which put on Magic events. Well, this week I attended my pick of the two’s FNM, which for reasons I can’t quite remember they hold on a Wednesday.

The format was Modern and I decided to play my  Green/ White Enchantments deck which I’d built not long before leaving Australia and hadn’t really had a chance to test out.

The deck performed all right; I won 1 out of 4 rounds. I discovered that the deck is too slow to really compete against most other decks and while I was able to draw in to heaps of mana I never really had the cards I needed for the deck to properly go off. So, it needs some tweaking.

But, the main thing is I utterly enjoyed my night. I may have not won many games but everyone there was kind and gracious. While I hadn’t met any of the folks there before, conversation was flowing and everyone seemed to be having fun. It helped that the store owners – a lovely lady and her son – provided sweets and cakes.

It’s so great to have somewhere within walking distance of my house that I can play Magic at now. I’ll certainly be going every chance I can. Next time there’s a Modern night I’ll have to try out my Artifacts deck which, historically, runs fairly well. And I’m in the process of building a Standard deck from the most recent sets.

Due to not having anywhere to play for the last two years I’ve been somewhat out of the Magic wheelhouse for a while so I’ve a little to catch up on. I’l probably go back over the card lists of sets that came out since that time and pick up the cards I feel will go well with decks I already have. Maybe even buy a bundle box or two.

It’s exciting to be getting back in to Magic. I always loved building decks, testing and tweaking them so they perform better. I only ever play casually as the fun of playing is the most important part of Magic for me. Still, wining is great too, so I better get to brewing…

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