An Open Question to Neil Gaiman

Hi, Neil.

I’ve been re-reading Sandman and just finished A Game of You. For the first time, this scene at the end really struck me.

I was wondering why you chose to depict comic stores and fans in this way? It’s the absolute epitome of negative comic store/fan stereotypes.

I know this was released in ’93, so the whole 90s comics thing with muscle bound dude and scantily clad women was going full tilt, so maybe this was a comment on that?

While I realize it has to be taken when the context of the time it was written I have to wonder why you chose a negative depiction rather than a more positive one? There are plenty of great comic stores/ fans, as I’m sure you know.

But because you are a writer who is generally thought to have helped legitimize comics as an art form, I was somewhat taken aback by this. Reading it now it felt…”insulting” I guess is the best way to describe it.

So yeah, I just wonder if you could clarify why you went for this depiction. I know it’s ages ago so I understand if you can’t recall. Thanks very much for your time.



This letter was originally posted on Twitter.

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