How To Catalogue Your Collection Without Buying Software

There are many programs and websites out there you can use to catalogue your collection, however, these tend to be very specific in their scope. So what if your chosen collection isn’t serviced by those programs? Well, I’m going to show you how you can easily catalogue your collectables yourself!

Before we get too far into things I have a slight warning; building your own catalogue can be a lot of work. Yes, I’ll be sharing with you ways to make things simpler but depending on the size of your collection and just how much data you want to track, it can involve a lot of time and effort. However, even if your collection is a smaller one it is a very good idea to start recording information on it. Not only will it ensure you don’t buy the same item twice (come on, we’ve all been there) it can also help if the unimaginable happens, such as some disaster befalling your collection. Having a detailed database of your items can help when claiming insurance on those lost goods.

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