Boxes Of Hording

If you play and/or collect any kind of collectible card game (CCG) chances are storage is an issue. After you start building up your collection into the thousands figuring out where to put them all will be one of your biggest concerns.

I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering for around four years now and I’ve amassed a collection of 12,500+ cards. Throughout this time I’ve tried many different methods of storing them and while some worked, others didn’t. In this article I’ll go through what some of those were and how I found them.

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Starting a New Collection

If you’re like me, when you discover something new that you really enjoy you want to immerse yourself in it. While this can be as simple as watching every episode of of a TV series, listening to every song by a particular band or reading every book by a particular author, sometimes it can grow into something far greater — a collection.

So what if you do find something you absolutely adore and you want to surround yourself with it? How do you start figuring out the best way to attack this new collection? Well, here I’ve detailed the steps I go through when I’ve decided I want to start a new collection.

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